Hello, my name is

Francisco Andrade

I'm Agile coach and Full stack developer


Experience since 2005 in leading IT projects, including projects for telco, banking and financial management. During the first years, I have been working as a Software Engineering, this has given me the opportunity to learn and improve different programming languages, analysis methods, agile methodologies and implementation methods.

As a Developer, I have always been driven to build new and innovative products. I focus on usability and (high) performance. As a team and project leader my main objective is leading the team to higher levels of high performance by leading each member to reach their full potential through self-motivation and positive attitude.

During the last years, I also played the Scrum Master role alongside with the team leader role. Recently I became Agile Coach.

I’m passionate about technology and love to build applications, so, in my free time I like to learn new programming languages, challenge myself! The three that I have developed more recently are an application to manage club members (associous.com), another to pick you movies (moviepick.me) and the last one is to manage stocks.

As a professional I define myself as:

  • Self-motivated and positive attitude;
  • Team player and leadership skills;
  • Influencer and evangelist;
  • Communication skills; and
  • Quick adaptation and fast learner.

Software development

Agile Methodologies



BOLD International

Agile Coach and Tech Lead

Helping teams and company to realize gains in efficiency by adopting agile principles like Scrum, Kanban and extreme programming. Coach Teams, Scrum Masters & Product Owners to agile methodologies. Helping transforming the organization culture to work in a more efficient way, applying Agile and LEAN Principles. Working closely with team leaders to help then taking decisions regarding architecture. Assure that the developers are following a group of best practices, code review and following the (code) ground rules.

Technology Agile methodologies, GIT, Java, JSF, CSS, JS, Maven, Oracle, Jenkins and Sonar.

BOLD International

Project Leader

The team where I’m involved is responsible for implement a new application with great visibility to the Bank and with great impact to the business. I’m having a part in all the development process, from the first phase, gathering requisites to the last one, go to production. We are managing the project using some of the scrum methodologies (backlog, sprints, burn down chart and etc.). My main responsibilities are:

  • help gather the client requisites and giving macro estimates;
  • help write the needed documents (business and technical);
  • coaching the team and lead them to the best technical solution;
  • coaching new elements;
  • promote self organization within the team; and
  • coaching the implementation of important features.

Business or Sector Bank – Risk management

Technology JEE, EJB3, JPA, JSF, HTML/XHTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, Eclipse, SVN, Maven, Oracle and WebSphere

Tools Visio, Project, Jira and Excel

BOLD International

Team Leader

In this project I had the role of Team Leader (Scrum Master) and Senior Java Developer. We developed a new application to manage the bank impairments, supported with specific analysis and metrics. My main responsibilities were:

  • technical and business analysis;
  • helping the product owner maintain the product backlog;
  • plan and manage the sprint backlog;
  • coaching the team, within the scrum principles; and
  • implement core features.

Business or Sector Bank - Impairments and provisions

Technology JEE, EJB3, JPA, JSF, HTML/XHTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, Eclipse, SVN, Maven, Oracle and WebSphere

BOLD International

Senior Java Consultant

Worked as a developer to maintain and implement new requirements in an application to manage the workflow to a loan credit proposal. This application integrates with mainframe, BPM and BRMS through a middleware layer. Development of a new application to manage client information, where my main responsibilities was to gathering the client requirements, analysis and implementation.

Business or Sector Bank – Loan Credit and Client Information

Technology JEE, EJB3, JPA, JSF, HTML/XHTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, Eclipse, SVN, Maven, Oracle and WebSphere

Nokia Siemens Networks

Software Developer

Development and maintenance of a Network Management System Application. Main responsibilities were analysis and implementing new features, implement debugging methods and automation production. Responsible for the UX and GUI of the TNMS-DX project.

Participation as developer in network management projects. Responsible for manage a pool of Solaris machines used by the team. Development of an internal tool to manage projects (project management), this new tool came to replace a previous version with a lot of problems related with usability, stability and maintenance cost. My main responsibilities in this project were analysis, document client requisites, create diagram classes (UML), design and implement the DB and create the application wireframes.

Business or Sector Telco

Technology JEE, EJB, JSF, Swing, Hibernate, JPA, Oracle and Jboss

ETPC – Escola Técnico Profissinal de Cantanhede


Teacher / Trainer in different subjects related with IT.



Design and implement websites and e-commerce solutions. Analysis the client requirements and implement the business process from the database to the frontend. Main responsibilities are analysis and document the client requirements, design the layout of the websites and design and implement the database.

Technology Microsoft Visio, Photoshop, Visual Studio .NET, C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript and HTML